Chia Recipe: Oatmeal

I start everyday with a big bowl of Chia seed oatmeal. Not only is it super easy to make but it’s really good for you. It used to be I would start to get hungry a couple hours after eating my oatmeal but I found that after I started adding Chia seeds I could usually last all the way to lunch without snacking. The other nice thing about adding Chia seeds is that it tends to improve the consistency of the oatmeal.

I’m an oatmeal purist, so I generally don’t add anything but hot water and Chia seeds but I know a lot of people who like to make their oatmeal a little more interesting. Here’s a recipe my wife likes:

banana oatmeal


½ cup instant oatmeal
1 cup boiling water
1.5 tablespoons Chia seeds
2 tablespoons chopped walnuts
2 tablespoons craisins
half a banana sliced


I usually start by mixing the dry oatmeal and Chia seeds together in a small bowl. I then add the boiling water, mix, and let stand covered for 10-20 minutes. This not only gives the Chia seeds time to soften but lets the oatmeal cool down enough that you can eat it without burning your mouth. Then just add the other ingredients and enjoy!

It’s a really easy and healthy way to start the day.

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Chia Recipe: Oatmeal — 215 Comments

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  5. What happens if I just add chia seeds to dry oatmeal and add soy milk and just put in microwave and cook for about one minute. I did not wait for chia seed to grow before I put in microwave , it still taste ok, after I add honey and some blue berries

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